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T-SQL: INSERT for Table w/ Only IDENTITY Column

In the event that you wish to insert a record into a SQL Server table that contains only a single column, and that column is an IDENTITY column, here is the statement: INSERT INTO dbo.TableName DEFAULT VALUES; I am primarily … Continue reading

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A Reason for Non-deferred LINQ Statement

Someone (two people, actually) asked on StackOverflow.com why someone would want to force a LINQ statement to execute immediately rather than allowing deferred execution. Since I can’t respond to the comments yet, I’ll explain here.

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SQL Server 2008 Database Diagram Crash

I am able to get the SQL Server 2008 Design Diagram to crash reliably. I prefer to use “Custom View” with some useful column such as “Identity” and “Default Value” to make it easier to quickly get new table structures … Continue reading

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