Nexus One: New to Me

After five days with a Nexus One (courtesy of ebay), let me say this outright: I love it. That is not to say it’s not without its flaws, but its high points outweigh its drawbacks.

I wanted the phone for two reasons: First and foremost, I wanted an Android device. I had been using a Nokia N900, which was a great phone four its day, but I was experiencing app-envy, and the N900 was starting to feel slow, especially compared to my wife’s iPhone. (I didn’t want an iPhone for reasons I won’t detail here.) Second, I’d like to start doing mobile development, so a Google device (i.e., vanilla Android) seemed like a logical choice.

I panned the Nexus S for its lack of removable storage, though I may reconsider that in the future with cloud-based services, like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player, since music is definitely my largest space eater.

The phone feels good in my hand, the screen is beautiful (I know others are better, but that’s not a concern right now), and operations in the phone are quite responsive. Battery life isn’t great, which is due in part to the relatively small battery and in larger part to the fact that I use the phone nearly constantly.

In the app department, my favorite is definitely Swype. I’m using it right now, and not only did it start out fast but I’m getting faster and faster with practice (and as Swype learns my habits). Others that have gotten quite a lot of use are Launcher Pro and Beyond Pod. I really like Opera Mobile for a web browser, but it has an annoying tendency to crash. Firefox has its own pluses, but has a terribly long load time.

My biggest complaint about the phone is the bottom of the screen appears to be divided between the “buttons” off the bottom of the screen and whatever is actually on the screen. This most often bites me, sadly, while writing a message. I have at times lost my message by accidentally hitting one of the keys off-screen.

I’ll have this phone at least a little while, but it has already convinced me to make my next phone an Android device. (If only I could justify the cost of a Galaxy S II…)

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