Failday: AT&T and Google

Had two not-so-awesome experiences, this morning; first up was a password change at AT&T, followed by installing Picasa.

When changing your password at AT&T wireless, the instructions are simple enough (I’ve highlighted the interesting bits):
AT&T Password Requirements

Not super happy about the reduced password complexity with fewer available characters, but otherwise seems pretty straightforward. Left Hand of Guidelines, meet Right Hand of Validation Error Message:


OK, so pretty much just letters, numbers, and dashes. Failing grades for both website message consistency and, more importantly, available complexity for passwords.

Onto Google. Install Picasa, start it up, and one is greeted with the following modal dialog:

Picasa Fail

Modal, for the uninitiated, means you cannot do anything else in that application until you deal with that dialog. No “File” menu, no moving the application, no nothing. My wife and I are both photographers, so we have a shared folders for photographs (so, not “My Documents” or “My Pictures”). Plus, I have images on my computer that I do not want Picasa searching. (Let your imagination wander…) So, not only do I certainly not want either of those options, there is no Cancel.

Picasa: Kill Process

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