Android Cannot Connect Via WiFi

Got to work with my new (to me; thanks eBay!) Nexus One Android phone (which I love), connected to the work WiFi network and…couldn’t connect to anywhere on the Net.

I was able to connect to the WiFi network just fine, got an IP address, gateway, DNS, etc., but no Internet connectivity anywhere. Disconnected from WiFi in order to download some exploratory apps (notably WiFi Widget and Ping & DNS), and finally came across an article by Rudd-O: “WiFi / DHCP network not working with your Android phone?” which pointed to a bug over a year old as of this writing.

Rudd-O describes a workaround by changing the DNS server, but I don’t have that option. So, I used IP Manager to create a static profile for use here at work. I’ll have to create another profile for everywhere else when I get home.

Speaking of which, my new phone worked fine on my home WiFi network. Apparently, Android is not affected by all wireless routers, which is likely why the bug still exists.

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