Real State of Our Union, Part 1

I’ve begun writing a collection of my thoughts about the problems that we presently face in these United States.  I have not edited, proofed, or censored these writings.

Allow me to start with Politics.

Politicians have too much power. This has led to several problems:

  • Lobbyists and the corporations that back them have incentive to win the favor–and vote–of representatives and senators. In a climate where this sort of thing is possible, it leads to a competitive atmosphere where it becomes necessary to have lobbyists in Washington in order to remain on equal footing with other corporations.
  • Career politicians and the power of pull. Rather that being merely equals amongst Americans, congressmen have power, money, prestige, and distinction. All that political positions should entail is taking care of the minutia of government that the vast majority of the populace lacks the time to attend.

A country of entitlements. Every productive citizen in the country is pulling the weight of unproductive citizens. We–Americans!–exist in a culture of wasting the energies of our best and brightest to drag along the least and laziest. In any system where there are handouts to be had, there are bums who will put their hands out rather than put forth effort or ingenuity to produce goods or services that render them useful to the society upon which they instead feed, like parasites.

The waiting-with-hands-out parasites aren’t even the worst of us. Is it worse for there to be people who are willing to find excuses to subsist on the sweat of others, or for the ones who toil and produce useful goods and services to be the very instruments of their undoing? That is, we who work and create have instituted the very structures that feed the parasites. It is as though we were jungle travelers who actively, avidly sought leeches, ticks, fleas, and tapeworms in order to affix them to our bodies.

Of course, that is not how it began. In the beginning, it all sounded marvelous: the Great Society, eliminating hardship and poverty for all generations to come. As it turns out, there is still poverty–only now we pay must exert even greater effort in the workplace to achieve reduced output at poorer quality. A significant portion of every business and individual effort is excised from a positive productive output in order to be redirected to maintaining a ghastly overgrown government and an increasingly burdensome body of the entitled.

I am not done with describing politics and its policies.  Just done for tonight.

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